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Travelogues for Bicycling, Sailing, Motorcycling, and Motor Vehicles (cars, trucks, land rovers, vans, and motorhomes) are listed in their respective sections. This one is for backpackers, and has been organized by start year, so that it is easier to maintain. It is also a way travellers can find RTW'ers they have met, since many now have webpages.

If you would like your RTW journal listed here, contact me.

One of the small benefits of creating this site is getting to list our "Sporadic RTW Dispatches 1995-98" up here :-) We hope it will give you some insight into long-term travelling.

RTW Travelogue Directories
TravelDirectory: RTW Travelogues (Screen Shots)
Longest Walk: 2013-20
Where are You, Eric Liu? 2004-06
Gregory Stanat & Susan Hung's "13 Months" 2004-05
Megan Kearney's Around the World Trip 2004-05
Smruti & Dev's WorldTour 2004-05
Graham & Geri Morley's Around the World 2004-05
Geoff & Lenka Around The World 2003
Celia & David Gookeys RTW Trip 2003-04
Jen & Winston Yeung's "One Year, One World" 2003-04
Bjorn Parmentier's ATW Trip 2003-04
Jerry Peek's Photos: Around the World 2003
Michael Pugh's "Vagabonding" 2002-03
Barbara & Caelen's Really Big Adventure 2002-03
Toby & Sarena's Big Tripout 2002-03
Dave & Marisa Haralson's RTW Trip 2002-04
Karen & Garvin's World Tour 2002-03
Kirk & Donna's Round-the-World Trip 2002-03
Silvia & Chris' "Camel on the Run" 2002-03
Tash & Darren's RTW Trek 2002-03
Nigel & Julie Snow's "Traveling Armchair" 2001-02
Maren & Kirk's "Tour Around the World" 2001-02
Asia Nelson's "My Global Adventure" 2001-02
Micheal Seto's "Excellent Adventure"2001-02
George Andreou's "Around the World in Six Months" 2001-02
George Lin's "World Trekking Travelogues" 2001-02
Ramon Stoppelenburg's "Let Me Stay for a Day" 2001-03
Kev's "Wonder of the World Tour" 2001-02
Marie Javin's "World Tour 2001"
Martin Wierzbicki's "Photo Journey" 2000-02+
Tim & Michelle Hayes's "The Travel Year" 2000
Around the World with Wes & Masami Heiser 2000-03
The Walls' "Full Passport" 2000-04+
Wiley & Christie Long's Strange Trip 2000-01
Scott & Karen's RTW Without Flying 2000-03
Bill & Doreen Stair's Whole Wide World 2000-01
Huw Porter's "World Tour" 2000-01
Seth & Tara's "World Tour 2000-02"
Gregg & Evelyn's MadNomad 1999-2000
Rocky & Sarah's Travel Diary 1999-2000
Evan Bigall's"Life & Times of a Techno-Nomad" 1999-2003
Ann-Marie Conrado & Douglas Harder's "The Voyagers' Wanderlust" 1999
Mary & John's Big Adventure 1999
Amy Sanders Around-the-World 1999
Kinga & Chopin Hitchhike the World 1998-2003
Chris & Paige's Trip Around the World 1998-99
Greenspiration 1998-99
Hans & Tiffany's "E-Trip Around the World" 1998-99
David Groom's RTW Trip 1998-99
Kristina & David's Round-The-World Journal 1998-99
James Waldron's "Lost Boy Digital Backpacker" 1997-98
Tony Jones On Hiatus 1997-2001+
Paul Stockton's "Around (parts of) the World in (about) One Year" 1997-98
Mike Meaney's "Trekker Extraordinaire" 1996-98
Bjørn Christian Tørrissen's "Enduring Travels" 1996-97
Bernard Cloutier's RTW Trips 1996
Robert & Melissa Gunter's RTW Journals 1996-97
Marc & Karin's "Sporadic Dispatches" 1995-98
Steve's Travel Diary 1995
Christian Schneider's "Travel Around the World 1995"
Sean Connolly's "The Great Out There" 1994-95
Russel Gilbert's "Around-the-World Journal" 1991-92
Steven Abrams "Overland to Australia" 1968-71

Impressive (but not RTW) Travelogues
Web Travel Review by Philip Greenspun
Steve Bougerolle
"Culture Shock Therapy" by Miguel Cruz
Eric Gauger: Notes From the Road

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