2.11 Sailing

Travel Books
"Born to Sail -- On Other People's Boats"

"Seagoing Hitchhiker's Handbook: Roaming the Earth on Other People's Yachts" by Greg Becker

"World Cruising Handbook" by Jimmy Cornell

Travelogues In-Print
"Around the World Single-Handed: the Cruise of the Islander" by Harry Pigeon (1989).

"The Breath of Angels" by John Beattie

"Round the World Non-Stop" by John Ridgeway (1985).

"Sailing Around the World" by Joshua Slocum (1899).

Travelogues Online
Out of Bounds 96-99
Robert Broussard's "Sailing Adventures"
Starship Millenium Voyage 1998-2001

"I chose San Diego because it was the ideal location to find a boat in early November, and I was already in California. After about five weeks of searching, I got a job as a cook aboard a sailboat that was headed around the world. I was paid $1,000 a month, plus room, board, free beer, free vaccinations, and more, and spent a great month in Mexico, sailing down the coast. I had only about a week of previous sailing experience (mostly from a $150 weekend class), but have cooked in restaurants. Finding a ride on a boat with little experience is a realistic goal, but it took a lot of diligence. I used crewlists -- you post your name, and captains will contact you, or you can search for boats and contact captains. On the other hand, I met people in San Diego who had never been on a boat, decided that they wanted to get a ride south and were on a motor yacht to Cabo San Lucas within a few days. Cooking skills are the best way to sell yourself if you've never been on a boat, and if a person has restaurant cooking experience, payment is even possible. Also, a person looking for a sailboat should look for local magazines at the marine stores. "Latitude 38" and "Santana" are good examples from southern California. They have classifieds for crew in each issue, and also special "crew list" issues for major departure seasons (e.g. spring and fall in southern California--Becker's book gives more info on departure seasons)." <Anonymous>

Internet Crew Lists
San Diego Waterfront (worldwide)
Sail San Diego
San Francisco Sailing
Crew Finders (Based in Ft. Lauderdale, and costs money. Mostly for people with previous sailing experience.)
Work on a Boat
Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree Forum

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