2.7 Motorcycle

"I rented almost everywhere that had sane accident laws. No one asked me for an international driver's license (or any license at all!) - certainly not a motorcycle license. Beware, no one seems to rent (or care) about safety helmets. Definitely something to think about." <Alan Nelson>

"Read the fine print in your insurance policy and theirs. Almost every policy I have seen excludes motorcycle riding completely, and the rest I have seen exclude it if you are unlicensed. If you are uninsured and end up in the hospital in the wrong country, either your life or your financial status could be seriously threatened." <Bernd Wechner>

"Many people go motorcycling through Africa. It seems like the best thing you can do in your life, but one Dutch guy told me that roads are often so bad that instead of looking at the beautiful scenery, you end up looking at the road to avoid holes, sometimes big enough to swallow a truck." <Mats Henricson>


"Adventure Motorcycling Handbook: Worldwide Route and Planning Guide" by Chris Scott

"Full Circle: Around the World with a Motorcycle and Sidecar" by Richard & Maupsa English

"In the Long Run: A Hopeful World Odyssey" by Tom Smith

"Investment Biker: On the Road with Jim Rogers" Adams Publishing

"Jupiter's Travels" by Ted Simon (1980)

"Riding the Edge" by Dave Barr

"A Round World Triumph" by Robbie Marshall

"10 Years on 2 Wheels" by Helge Pedersen

Massive List of RTW Motorcycle Travelogues
Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman's "Long Way Round 2004"
Bernarda Benka Pulko's "Around the World Following the Sun" 1998-2001
Grant and Susan Johnson's "Horizons Unlimited" 1987-Onward
Travelin' Around the World by Motorcycle
Peter and Kay Forwood's "7-Year Motorcycle Worldwide Travel"
David McGonigal's "World Tour on Motorcycle" 97-99
Erin & Chris' Ultimate Journey 1999-2003

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