9.11 Reciprocal Link Exchange

This section is for the many requests I receive to include people and businesses in the guide. I like to look at monthly statistics to see which pages people are connecting from -- I also like to surf out to these pages to see other traveller's pages.

If you are a 'traveller' and would like to be listed here, please send me email with the URL (not everyone remembers) and what part of the world you are in since I may list sites geographically (so travellers can search in their region and find others that they might want to meet). I will occasionally run a link-verifier to see if they are still valid, so if yours disappears, send me more email :-)

If you are a business, then you may have noticed that this guide is not a commercial site -- it is my personal hobby, and a way to meet other travellers. Reciprocal links aren't so important since the vast majority of travellers find me through: search engines, the Travel Library, and Yahoo's travel site. I do not send email to other sites requesting others to link to the guide, nor do I advertise. However, when I do find sites that have linked to this guide, I usually email a notice when a revision is released.

The links in the rest of the guide are basically my very-large bookmark file. They are my personal preferences based on directly useful information, euphemistically known as "content!" If you would like me to consider your site for other pages, feel free to send a URL and a description. However, if there is a lack of content, or your front page graphics take forever to load (and I am reasonably confident that my connection is speedy), after a few attempts I will stop trying.

Top Sites by Monthly Referrals
Russell Gilbert's Around-The-World Journal
Mats Henricson's Universal Packing List
Sean Connolly's Gone Walkabout
Council on International Educational Exchange
Focus on Photography
TraveLite-FAQ by Lani Teshima-Miller
EuroTrip's Message Board

Sean Connolly - SF
Miriam Nadel - USA
Lynn Salmon - California
Matt Donath - Chicago
Mr. Moose - Wisconsin
Katrina Johnson - Canada
Steven Abrams - UK
Julian Loader - UK
Miguel Cruz - KL
Wee Keng Hor - Singapore
Russell Gilbert - Sydney, Australia

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