9.10 Contributor Acknowledgments

I wrote this guide initially from January through April 1994. Only the names of those quoted have been included. Thanks and appreciation go out to those who contributed in other ways.

Steven Abrams    (England)
Enrique S. Airas (España)
Laurie Bechtler  (USA)
Eberhard Brunner (USA)
Brent Byer       (USA)
Lee Campbell     (Canada)
Wayne Citrin     (USA)
Sean Connolly    (USA)
Keith Conover    (California)
Larry Cotter     (USA)
Davy Davis       (USA)
Chris Finlayson  (England)
Russell Gilbert  (USA)
Nigel Gomm       (England)
Edward Hasbrouck (USA)
Mats Henricson   (Sweden)
Jeroen Houtzager (Nederland)
Mark Kantrowitz  (USA)
Axel Lambert     (USA)
Scott LaMorte    (USA)
Brian Lucas      (Canada)
Larry Lustig     (USA)
Dave Medcalf     (USA)
Henry Mensch     (San Francisco, California)
Mr. Moose        (USA, "Friend of the Penguins")
Miriam Nadel     (USA)
Alan L. Nelson   (USA)
Dave Patton      (Canada)
Peter Pope       (Nederland)
Brian Raisbeck   (USA)
Josh Rosen       (USA)
Brian Scowcroft  (Canada)
Johan Schimanski (Norway)
Scott Soper      (USA)
Alan Wald        (USA, in Nepal at times)
Bernd Wechner    (Australia)
Stephen T. Wee   (Sabah, Malaysia)
Tim Zwaagstra    (Nederland)

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