2.13 Hiking

If you wish to do some scenic hiking during your trip and want some ideas for where to hike in specific regions, check out the following guidebooks available at most large bookstores:

"Backpacker's Africa", Hilary Bradt (1994), Bradt Publications. The edition I have specifically covers "East and Southern". I believe there is a volume for the west and central areas as well.

"Bushwalking in Australia", John and Monica Chapman (1992), Lonely Planet Publications. Describes 24 walks of at least two days duration each.

"Bushwalking in Papua New Guinea", Lonely Planet Publications.

"Tramping in New Zealand", Lonely Planet Publications.

"Trekking in the Indian Himalaya", Gary Weare (1986), Lonely Planet Publications.

"Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya", Lonely Planet Publications.

"Walking Europe from Top to Bottom", Susanna Margolis and Ginger Harmon (1986), Sierra Club Books. Describes the 107 day walk of the authors on the Grande Randonnee Cinq, a megawalking trail through Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and France. Strong on the mechanics of dealing with a megawalk.

"Walking in the Alps", Brian Spencer (1993), Hunter Publishing Inc. Describes 112 mostly easy and moderate day hikes across the Alps.

"In addition, try contacting the Tourist Authority of the countries you are visiting for information on walking trails. The British Tourist Authority (212-986-2200 in NYC), for example, can provide you with the brochure, 'Walking in Britain'." <Dave Medcalf>

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