2.14 Animals

"A popular place to do an elephant trek is in Chiang Mai (northern Thailand). This can be combined with a hiking trip, staying in tribal villages, and with a day of bamboo rafting. Most people do about a three-day trip, which can easily be booked from Bangkok or Chiang Mai. By the way, two hours is more than long enough for an elephant trek. They are quite uncomfortable, two hours was a lot tougher than a day on a camel. A popular place to do a camel trek is from Jaisalmer, in the Thar Desert in Rajasthan (northwest India). Lots of trekking companies who will try anything to get your business, especially in off-season. I did a four-day trip for 750 rupees (about $25)." <Dave Patton>

"Camel treks in Rajasthan are widely available in the Thar desert. For example in Pushkar and Bikaner. Books are written about crossing India by elephant, or the Sahara by camel." <Jeroen Houtzager>

"In Morocco, I went to Zagora, a little village near the Algeria frontier. There you can arrange a camel trek for your own needs, not as cheap as in India, but not too expensive. I also stayed in a "Jaima" (a traditional desert house) which made the trip more expensive but more authentic too. My trip was in December, a nice time to go because it is not too hot, and lasted three days." <Enrique S. Airas>

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