7.2 Telephone

There are many options, and it is always changing, so I am not tackling mobile phones, and for making calls on the Internet will only mention Skype and WhatsApp

"I recommend scheduling a certain time each week that you *may* call home. I chose early Sunday morning (home time) so as to catch someone at home. If there were any important messages, I could pick them up that way." <Alan Nelson>

"Do not assume you can place your call and get through at all times. Some countries have very few external circuits and they are often busy for long periods. Do not assume you can use touch-tone equipment to communicate with the US end (answering services, etc.) even if you carry a touch-tone beeper with you. You may be able to reach the answering service (and pay for that call), only to find that the international circuit is not good enough to work properly. This varies widely from country to country and from day to day." <Larry Cotter>

World Time Server
Time & Date
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International Direct Dialing Codes
Country and Area Codes
International Long-Distance Access Codes
Emergency Telephone Numbers

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