9.8 RTW Seminars

This area has been created to list people and organizations that conduct RTW Seminars.

Edward Hasbrouck
The author of The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World. See his Travel Planning Seminars and Events. "I welcome opportunities to speak to groups, and will go almost anywhere there's a group willing listen and to reimburse my expenses."

"Several Hostels International (HI) hostels host seminars on various aspects of travel. Check with the nearest HI hostel, or the HI chapter office, for their program schedule. HI chapters in Washington, DC; Seattle; New York City; Boston; and perhaps other cities organize annual "International Travel Days". These are a not-to-be-missed opportunity for anyone planning a multi-country trip. In addition to seminars on RTW travel, women's travel issues, solo travel, and various world regions, each of the HI "International Travel Days" includes a destination section with country tables staffed by volunteers who are familiar with different places, generally people who are from or have lived there. (They recruit volunteers from foreign students, returned Peace Corps volunteers, etc.) There are few, if any, other places where, in one room, you can find people who have actually been there to ask your questions about life and travel in dozens of specific countries." <Edward Hasbrouck>

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