2.4 Railroads

RTW airline tickets will get you in and out of Europe, but are not very useful for getting around in Europe. This is where Eurail tickets, or passes for specific countries, are useful. They must be started within six months of purchase. This is not meant to imply that Europe is the only place that has rail passes.

"Fact: Anyone can purchase Eurail passes at EurAid stations inside Europe. I bought mine at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. There is a US$20 surcharge. Technically, it is like re-issuing a lost ticket, hence the surcharge." <Alan Nelson>

"Eurail prices are fixed once a year as far as I can tell, and depending entirely upon what the exchange rates do in the meantime, it can in fact be cheaper to buy one in Europe with the penalty than at home. I did this twice. Of course, it might also be all the more expensive if the exchange rates change the other way." <Bernd Wechner>

"I don't think that most people can really get their money out of a Eurail pass on an RTW trip. If you are over 26, you have to get the First Class pass, very expensive. It will pay off if you are on the grand tour, going from Berlin to Koln to Paris to Madrid to Barcelona, on a near-daily basis. Several years ago when I looked at a rail pass, the price was close to US$1000 for a three-month pass (I was 27 at the time). During that three months I spent less than US$250 on rail tickets in Italy because I didn't do these long haul overnight train trips. At no time during my 8 months in Europe could I have made the rail pass pay off. This is my experience, based on the way that I travel, and your mileage may vary. I think that most people that I met with rail passes seemed to think they usually didn't really pay off and if so, paid off marginally. They seemed to have this pressure on them, 'I spent X dollars on this pass, I have to get my money's worth and use it.' Most people resisted that pressure and took their time." <Mr. Moose>

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