6.8 Travelling with Children

I am often told by parents, "I wish I could travel, but I have kids now." For those who place travel as a priority in their lives, and want the long-term benefits of a world trip for their family; or you haven't been on the road for a few years and the travel itch has bitten hard, and you don't have anyone willing to watch your children, this section is dedicated to proving it is not a sacrifice to make it happen.

If your finances allow for only one trip, you may want to "maximize the benefits" by waiting until they are: mature enough to handle themselves; interested in going; able to understand and appreciate what they are seeing; and can remember the event and use it as inspiration in their lives and in their studies. My suggestion is to take them after they are 12-years old. If they are still very young, this gives you time to make short trips over the years, and prepare them better.

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